My friends’ yoga

imagesTeaching a yoga class to your childhood friends doesn´t happen everyday and I had that opportunity yesterday WOW! On top of that, we did the practice in a wonderful garden where we have spent unending afternoons playing, laughing, climbing trees and discovering many fascinating aspects of live. Yoga enriches interpersonal relationships as much as the relationship with ourselves and the Divine. Friendship widens your soul, heals your heart and the physical body as well. This is why today´s post offers you five ways to nurture relationships and create a great family of friends:

1. be yourself in the presence of others

Summer vacation creates kind of a gap in the normal course of living. There is no work, school or routine. Vacation time allows us to “be” for a while and stay present here and now. When you go back to the place where you live, imagine that the people surrounding you are part of your big group of friends and you will see how easy is to communicate and how there is more authenticity in your personal and professional relationships.

2. give them your undivided attention

Have you ever felt annoyed when you were talking with someone that was chatting or speaking on the phone while being with you? Non stop multitasking sends the message to others that they are invisible or that you don´t care about them. One of the best things you can do is to give your undivided attention: silence your smart phone, look at people in the eyes and listen sincerely to whom is in front of you.

3. meet others from a place of acceptance and sincere respect

When we really accept others just as they are, most conflicts dissolve and love can flow. Release the idea that people must have the same life vision as you. It is limiting and it will make you miss many incredible things that others have to offer you.

4. be affectionate

The need for love and the sense of belonging is part of the human heart. Adult life can get complicated and it is challenging to be loving all the time. But remember that a simple smile, a hug or even an sms are simple ways to give and receive affection.

5. open up to receive the support from your friends

Share the good and bad things with your group of friends. Speaking from the heart will reaffirm you in the freedom of “being” and of following your life plan.

My Summer group of friends is made of wonderful people, each of them unique and incredibly loving. Year after year they teach me that friendship is one of the pillars of live and that it fills our hearts with joy. They are yogins without knowing, always nurturing the most beautiful relationships and the love for all.

Gratitude and blessings to all beings, everywhere


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Profesora de Yoga y espiritualidad, mi misión es que aprendáis a ser felices. Yoga como Celebración Infinita de la existencia.
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