August, time to review

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI write this post from one of the landscapes that fills my life with magic (yes, the picture up above. Impressive, isn´t it?). I am on vacation and as the remains of the traditions of Spain, I like to take my days off in August. 

This month helps me review and balance the year. Everything slows down and I can spend most of the time out in Nature. I breathe the green of the mountains, the dark blue of the ocean and I rest over the golden sand. I enjoy everyday slowly, savoring each moment, without the business of Palma. Then my life´s notepad opens up and we start our conversation. We contemplate all the past months, the successes and the failures, the people that entered our lives and the ones that left, what we have learnt and what we have let go, where we were and where we are now. One more year, one more year wiser.

The post today encourages you to review. With no judgement, just pure gratitude and love. I have included some questions that come up for me… They might also serve you.

Have I loved more this year? How much have I laughed, danced or sung?

Have I showed appreciation, respect and compassion towards all that have shared pieces of life with me? Towards myself?

Have I reminded myself every morning that life is a miracle (even in the days when that is difficult to see) and that I am also part of the miracle?

What has transformed and liberated?

What has happened professionally? How can I continue serving the world and the people that I work with?

What has happened in my personal relationships? What wonderful encounters have I been granted? How am I supporting the people around me?

Have I looked really? Have I looked and see the beauty in everyone?

How do I feel in my own presence? and in my body? How do I relate to spirit?

Have I allowed myself to flow with Grace? How have I offered my acts, speech and thoughts to the Divine?

A revision like this will help you to complete the year´s cycles of experiences. It will help you to close them and return them back to the Universe, where they came from. All the energy that has been flowing through the months can renew itself and assume new forms, being fuller with goodness, understanding and Consciousness.

I am sure that you can think of many more questions. It would be awesome if you could share them in the blog. You might want to leave a comment below (pleaseee).

Immense gratitude to all and happy Summer weekend!

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

Acerca de Zaira Leal

Profesora de Yoga y espiritualidad, mi misión es que aprendáis a ser felices. Yoga como Celebración Infinita de la existencia.
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4 respuestas a August, time to review

  1. Rim dijo:

    it’s almost 4 am in the morning. yesterday i read your article and re-read it this morning. i have tried to answer the questions for myself. And oh boy it was not so good.
    i realized i could show more gratitude to this life even if it’s not perfect. appreciate the little things i sometimes tend to forget to see because im so self-observed with my own problems.and take everything for granted. I should appreciate the life that i have more often for tomorrow it could be gone.

    Thank you Zaira for your beautiful article.

    Love from Tunis

    • Zaira Leal dijo:

      Thank you Rim,
      It is an honor that you are reading and following the blog. Yes, you are right, gratitude brings forth so much fulfillment and Grace. We will keep growing together, there is always more to appreciate!
      Much love and light

  2. Liz dijo:

    Thank you, Zaira, for continuing to create the space for us to pause and ask these questions. I am heading to the mountains today with my family and will definitely follow this guidance….soaking in the sun, the wind, the beauty of the ocean and the love of my family and giving thanks for each miraculous day.


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