LEELA, playing with Pipi Langstrump


We are determined to enlighten the world and to have the greatest time doing it!

A wonderful yogini recently mentioned to me that she felt very inpired  by Pipi Longstockings. I thought “Who wouldn´t! She is an independent, revolutionary and super fun girl.” So we ended up dedicating last Saturday´s class to the most playful aspect of our practice, LEELA, as well as invoking the inner qualities of this dear character. 

LEELA is one of the most important components in the spiritual path. LEELA is the divine play of existence. According to Tantra Yoga life happens because of the divine play between matter and spirit. Lightly talking, we could say that Supreme Consciousness gets bored being in its state of undifferentiated infinity; meanwhile,  the divine Nature, material and differentiated, looks for a way to dissolve back into the cosmos. As a result, the human and the divine feel an irresistible attraction for each other and dance eternally. Yogins are focused on seeing life as a playground for interaction between the individual self (our personality, circumstances and physical body) and the universal Self that dwells in the heart. This is why we are more relaxed, we handle difficulty with more ease and we trust the potent tools that make our practice. A life like this is full of satisfaction.

Spirituality doesn´t have to be sombre nor tedious. On the contrary! It requires cheerful people that exude happiness. Therefore, Pippi Langstrump is a fantastic example of LEELA and the happiness cultivated in yoga:

1. She is a non conventional girl. Original and connected with her divine essence, she is her colorful Self. She has super powers but doesn´t brag about them. Instead, she uses them to help those in need. 

2. She is a rebel and will not follow the conventional ways and serious outlook of the adult world. For her, life is a wonderful game, the more adventures she can find in her path, the better. Each challenge is regarded as an opportunity to grow and to manifest love and lightness. 

All of those are authentic qualities of a yogin. No matter what happens, we try to stay in a state of happiness that flows from the heart. It is not a sweetened happiness that comes from outer sources, but the manifestation of our being of Light. It´s joy is almost contagious! This attitude always is accompanied by the purest compassion to those suffering and an authentic desire to create greater goodness for all. 

Illustration by Barbara Traverso, one of the most incredible yoginis that I know. 


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Profesora de Yoga y espiritualidad, mi misión es que aprendáis a ser felices. Yoga como Celebración Infinita de la existencia.
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