I do believe in fairies!!!

I do believe in fairies, in the intrinsic goodness of people, in all of us being one and in love!

Lately it seems as if the world was crumbling. People that are living their physical bodies in painful and tragic ways, relationships that are taking drastic turns, the money of a whole country that is hidden in Swiss bank accounts. There is a lot of confusion and caos in everyone´s lives. Are the compasses broken? These are times to stop, to breath deeply and to yoke ourselves with our divine essence.

Towards the end of the Bhagavad Gita, in the middle of the battle, Krishna explains to Arjuna that faith or shraddha is what marks the direction to follow during challenging times, it works as the third start to the right in Peter Pan. The kind of faith spoken about here is not a blind belief, on the contrary, it is almost a physical action, an act of full trust. The word shraddha literally means “the place where you place your heart”.

In Never Land island, when you say that you don´t believe in fairies, one of them dies. and it is the happy thoughts (not only pixie dust) what make children fly. We don´t have to believe in children´s tales but we must have the courage to trust that beauty, purity and truth are our authentic nature.

Dedication to yoga helps us make the right choices, to get lost only for a little time and to gloriously rise up after the periods of change and deep transformation. These days place your whole heart in believing that you are Light, Wisdom and Love. Let them enlighten your way with an incomparable shine. Remind it to yourself day and night, shout it in all directions without fear and know that then you will become the clarity for others.

Acerca de Zaira Leal

Profesora de Yoga y espiritualidad, mi misión es que aprendáis a ser felices. Yoga como Celebración Infinita de la existencia.
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