Yoga´s visionaries

This week I came across a very interesting concept, the “imaginal cells”. We all know that caterpillars morph into butterflies. The process is fascinating but Where is the creative impulse to undergo such deep and surprising change? According to bio-science it lies this specific type of cells that hold the possibilities for transformation.

We are humans but also hold the capacity to evolve and transform every part of our body. Our creative power is incredible and our imaginal cells are hidden in the subtleness of our awareness. Many of us have stopped imagining and it is a shame because without imagination there is no evolution. Since its beginnings, Yoga was a path for visionaries. People with dreams of a world filled with Light, Wisdom and Love.

When dreams are so beautiful, we need the right tools in order to bring them into manifestation. Dream big and follow the directions below:

1. First, we can start with the three soul questions that yogis recommend

Who am I?

What do I want to manifest in my life?

How can my vision serve the whole universe?

2. Next, Yoga reveals the secrets to achieve our destiny as divine-humans

On one hand, constant practice (abhyasa) is a must. Only if we dedicate time every day to our vision, it will be materialized. Each day imagine yourself as a being of Light in a perfect and harmonious world. In the beginning it might seem crazy, but with practice you will be able to envision the details, sensations or feelings that you will experience when we fullfil our destiny as totally evolved beings.

On the other hand, do it with detachment (vairagya). Recognize who you are, create the highest vision possible and let go of it. You can trust that something great will come to fruition because there is an intelligent organizing principle in the universe that knows how to lead reality through its own evolutionary path.

Yoga is an invitation to awaken the visionary within and there is no time to loose! After all, Doesn´t it seem impossible that a caterpillar can become an astonishing butterfly?

Acerca de Zaira Leal

Profesora de Yoga y espiritualidad, mi misión es que aprendáis a ser felices. Yoga como Celebración Infinita de la existencia.
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