Tomorrow, Monday, September 3rd, we officially open the doors of the new Zunray Yoga studio in calle Sant Feliu. It is an exciting moment for all of as and I have a similar feeling to the one I used to have the first day of school. Who will come to class? Will the students like the new space? (which I don´t doubt because it is absolutely wonderful) What stories will we share from our vacation?

The word “yoga” means “union” and its unifying essence is vividly present in this new start after the Summer. We are made to connect, to unite with one another, to merge together creating something bigger. A great teacher in today´s spirituality, Neale Donald Walsch, was talking the other day about the power of attraction and cohesion that take us to merge into one another. Neale gave us the example of a violet. When we see them, as small as they are, the instinct in us to get close to them and smell their fragrance is awaken. As we do, a bond and a relationship is created. At the same time, the sweet violets release their perfume creating an attraction towards them so the magnetism happens in both directions and it is almost impossible to resist the candor of the new connection.

Our yoga studio is a space where, together,  we all establish connections based in respect, joy and love. We are yogins with a great desire to create something more beautiful with our “union”, to contribute our positiveness to Palma´s life and to offer an epicenter of Light around which many kindred beings can gravitate.

I invite all of you to be part of this new start at Zunray. Your presence is important because what each one of you contributes to our community is very beautiful and, like the violets in my little example, make the world a more loving home for all.

Om Shanti



Acerca de Zaira Leal

Profesora de Yoga y espiritualidad, mi misión es que aprendáis a ser felices. Yoga como Celebración Infinita de la existencia.
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